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The latest version of the World-famous Academy of Feng Shui 3 is now available for purchase from the Feng Shui Store.

This support page is designed to provide end users with an electronic download version of the installer, as well as certain associated files provided on the original CD.

Please also be aware that the software available on this page STILL REQUIRES A VALID LICENSE, which can only be purchased from or re-issued by the Feng Shui Store.


All downloadable content available on this page is initiated entirely at your own risk. The content has been tested on all Windows platforms (including Windows 7) and has been found to work consistently and in a stable, robust manner. The Feng Shui Store cannot be held responsible for any issues arising directly or indirectly following download and subsequent installation of this content.

Version 2010.1 setup file

Click here to download version 2010.1 of the installer.

Version 2010.1 bug fixes and amendments

[07/01/2010] - v2010.1 - Bug fixed version.

Fixed incorrect display of Birth time in Family/Staff Member section.

Fixed bug which prevented access to the PDF compass booklet from the Help menu.

[02/12/2009] - v2009.2 - Bug fixed version.

Fixed incorrect display of decimal point symbol within Conversion section when software is installed on systems with non-English locales.

Fixed database errors regarding software installed on systems with non-English locales.

[09/11/2009] - v2009.1 - Initial version.

CD content

As the video help files are very large files, they are not available for download from this page. Please acquire a copy of the CD for this content.

Click here to download a zip file containing the complete set of help .pdfs. Please note that this is a copy of the PDF folder contained on the original CD. This download should only be used if you do not have access to the original CD. The content of this download is copyrighted exclusively to the Feng Shui Store.

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