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New version of Academy of Feng Shui due 2011

We are in the process of creating a brand new version of our famous Academy of Feng Shui software which is due to be released on sale in 2011. The new version of the software will include a brand new functionality of the software and many bug fixes and new sections.
[30th March 2011]

New version of Tong Shu Almanac due 2011!

A brand new version of the Tong Shu Almanac is due for completion in 2011. The new version will include many bug fixes, some enhanced functionality and the addition of several exciting new sections.
[30th March 2011]

FIVE new iPhone apps coming soon

There are five brand new iPhone apps currently in development, which will announce the Feng Shui Store's arrival on the iPhone stage in an exciting and thunderous fashion. The new apps are scheduled for completion in the later part of 2011.
[26th March 2011]

New look Feng Shui Store web site on the way

An eagerly-awaited makeover of the World-famous Feng Shui Store web site is currently underway. The new site will contain everything that the current site features, but will also include many exciting and fascinating new additions, including a fabulous new look and feel.
[12th February 2011]

Welcome to our brand new web site!

The brand new Feng Shui Software web site is now live, and we hope that you enjoy browsing it.
[15th July 2010]
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